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Ghana: Citi Fm Write Away Contest Winners Tour London and South Africa

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Minister Endorses Citi FM's 'Write Away' Contest

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Ghana: Over 500 Pupils Compete in Citi FM's Write-Away Contest

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Over children were covered in the writer which plans to be extended across the relationship. The 10th edition of the Citi FM Write-Away Contest has been launched. The Write-Away Contest seeks to help improve children?s affinity for writing and by extension reading, through engaging.

Jun 28,  · This is original content from Citi FM in Ghana, West Africa.

Ghanaian news september 2014

The list of the best twenty (20) entries in this year?s Citi FM Write-Away Contest has been announced. The 20 finalists will be interviewed Ghana Embarks On Promotion Exams For Police. Please feel free to write to us. keep letters to a maximum of words, include your full name, Telephone # and mailing address with all correspondence.

Over the past twelve years, Citi FM has been particularly passionate about Literacy in Ghana and has rallied the Ghanaian populace to take reading and writing seriously, especially through their national Write-Away Contest, a writing competition for Ghanaian pupils between the ages of 10 and 14 years.

Minister Endorses Citi FM's 'Write Away' Contest Daily Guide THE DEPUTY Minister of Education, Hon.

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Dr. Joseph Annan has appealed to Citi FM to extend the scope of its annual essay writing competition to include other aspects of education such as reading.

Citi fm write away contest ghanasoccernet
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Minister Endorses Citi FM's 'Write Away' Contest